Hire an in-house marketing team or partner with an agency? Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons why outsourcing can often get you better results.

#1 Industry insights

We know the Channel: That’s our focus. It means you have an agency partner that understands how vendors and partners go to market together. Although client confidentiality agreements ensure that agencies don’t discuss exactly what other clients in similar industries to yours are going to do next, it does mean they have an edge when you’re discussing strategies and can bring these industry insights to your next campaign.

#2 A better investment

When working with an agency, you don’t just leverage the expertise of your account manager, you benefit from the whole team. Unlike hiring in-house – which can be expensive and time-consuming – an agency comes fully equipped with the very best digital marketers, analysts, content creators, copywriters and designers ready to take your business to the next level.

#3 Fresh perspectives

Ever wish you had a fresh set of eyes on your campaign? When you partner with an agency, you’ll have multiple people working on your account. People who can check that the key messages you want to push actually make sense for that audience.

It’s not the equivalent of being passed around from team member to team member and re-explaining your situation as you often have to do on a customer service call. You’ll have one direct contact who closely understands your business – and then strategists and specialists in the background bringing life to your campaigns.

Marketing agencies are filled with people on the forefront of creativity and the digital landscape who can bring a lot of energy to marketing a product you feel like you’ve run out of ideas for.

#4 Focused on results

An in-house marketing team is likely juggling different aspects of marketing your product or service – including traditional forms of marketing or earned media. Agencies are known for being fast-paced and focused on both rapid and long-term results. Account managers are always roundtable-ing ideas to pivot strategies and get you the best return possible – and always upping their goals for what the best means for your business.

Choose an agency with open communication that follows up on what they say they will from the start, and you’ll experience a team that’s on your side and wants to see you win!

#5 Connections to specialists

An agency plays to the strengths within the team with expert copywriters, data analysts, web builders, videographers and designers ready to take your campaigns to the next level. With access to the latest software and tools to analyse your results and create amazing ads, you get the benefit of having ultra creative video ads without having to pay for any of the software or worrying about briefing a freelancer in a way that showcases the best out of your product (and gets your money’s worth).

Any project with The Rising Tide is driven by a high-touch account management team all the way through, from conception to final reporting and close.

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